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Some songs that describe what it means to love as a human. A couple different types of love are described. But all are good songs. Enjoy.

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What song is most encouraging to you? Share the music video, as well as a description about how it speaks to you.


Switchfoot- Always

As the bridge of the song rings through, I hear the lyric that’s helped me to keep going in my darkest times;

                “Every breath is a second chance.”

Something so simple, but so encouraging. Even after listening to the song a million times, hearing that sweet truth is always refreshing.

There isn’t a lot of explanation for why or how this song has changed my life. All I can say is that it helped me keep going and I don’t know where I’d be without it. I breathe in, taking my millionth second chance and continuing on with the life I’ve been blessed with.

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Jesse Edwards is a buddy of mine. This is his music. 

Waiting for forever

I’m imagining a day were I get up, and I know 
that I will not see you, because you’re far 
away. Okay, I will not see you, no chance, 
will not. 

And now, now I’m imagining a day when I get up 
and I know that I might see you. Okay might, 
could, maybe .. Of those two days, 
that’s the day I want, that’s the day I choose.

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Dear Emma,

Those two words “Dear Emma” take me away to another time when we used to write to each other after Mom and Dad died. I used to tell you about my new friends and my new life. And you used to tell me about the grand time my mom and dad were having in heaven.

Truth is nothing. What you…

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Take Time To Realize

Sometimes I start thinking about you. and it all hits me at once. I’ve never shed tears over something like this. The pain of seeing you hurt and wanting so bad to save you from the misery you seem to be in. I can’t explain this pain any other way than to say I feel helpless. Not only that I can’t help you, but that If I could, I still feel like it would amount to nothing in your eyes. I can’t help the feelings I have for you. I’ve tried to hide them, cover them up, substitute them with other emotions and/or feelings for someone else. But nothing this world has offered me seems to suffice for the times I’ve spent close to you. The single time I held you late at night in the Warehouse was the single time I felt an emotional peace in my heart. 

I need you to know that even if I don’t know what to say or how to act for you to get better. Even though I don’t have your answers, I’m going to stand by you and I’m never leaving. 

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Life goes on, days get brighter.


Life goes on, days get brighter.

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Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan missed more clutch shots than they actually made. But… They TOOK all of them. And that’s what makes them legends!